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      Brief Introduction  
      Historical Development  
      School Philosophy  
      Academic Establishment  
      Scientific Research  
      Teaching staff  
      Training of Talents  
      Student Competition  
      Teacher Education  
      Service to Society  
      International Cooperation  
      International Student  
    Brief Introduction 首頁 | English | Brief Introduction



        Jiangxi Normal University is located in the capital of Jiangxi province- Nanchang, a city rich in historical and cultural background and well-known for its reputation for natural abundance and heroic endeavor. The university is one of the members of state-province jointly construction and mid-western infrastructure projects. At present, there are 2 campuses, i.e. Yaohu Campus and Qingshanhu Lake Campus. The University's fields of study include Literature, History, Philosophy, Economics, Management, Law, Science, Engineering, Education and Fine Arts. The University has a considerable influence on the political, economic, cultural and social development of Jiangxi province, and the provincial government has designated it a priority normal university at the provincial level.

        The University occupies an area of more than 230 ha, and its buildings have a total floor space of more than 1,400,000㎡. Its library holdings include more than 3.7 million hard text volumes, with an additional million volumes held as electronic texts. The Yaohu Lake Campus is not enclosed by a wall: rather, it is encircled by the 7km Yaohu Canal, giving it a particular social and ecological character of its own.

    版權:江西師范大學(Jiangxi Normal University) ICP備案編號:贛洪備 2-4-3-2002018 版權所有:江西師范大學新聞信息中心
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